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Does My Company Need To Be Concerned With Data Privacy Laws?

Data privacy is a huge, global problem. Most businesses do not deal only locally. You need to be cognizant of that and you need to be concerned about it. You have to make sure that you have mechanisms put in place to protect you as well as possible. If you are in a profession where your license says that you have to keep certain information confidential, then you have to take extra steps to make sure data is not breached. If it is breached, then the question of liability comes down to what actions were taken to prevent the data from leaking.

What Is Intellectual Property? How Can I Protect Mine?

Intellectual property is information that the employee garners through the course of employment, such as an innovative way of conducting business or an innovative product. You have employees who are going to be exposed to that proprietary information, whether it is service, a product, or how to run your business. The question is how you keep someone from leaving and taking that proprietary information from your business to another company or starting their own company and competing with you. You have given your employees this sensitive information to help your business, not to help them, personally.

You might even have an employee who comes up with a great idea and the company wants to be able to own that idea. It is a good idea to have your employees sign intellectual property rights agreements unless you run a business where you have nothing proprietary and you do not have an atmosphere where people would come up with creative ideas. This is definitely something you need to discuss with your business law attorney.

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