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What Is Business Litigation?

When a lawsuit is filed regarding any kind of business, corporate or contractual issue related to the operation and/or disagreement of any commercial activity.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Businesses Are Sued?

Violations of contractual provisions; non-compete clauses; negligence; non-performance of explicit or implicit duties; fraudulent misrepresentation.

Who Do You Represent In These Cases?

Our firm represents formally organized businesses, sole proprietorships, corporations, LLCs, vendors, employees, agents and/or customers of businesses.

Do You Work With Small And Large Businesses?

Yes. Our firm handles business law for any size or type of businesses. From sole proprietors to large corporations, our firm can provide counsel, draft business documents, organize businesses and litigate on behalf or any business.

Should I Contact An Attorney Beforehand If I Suspect That I Will Be Sued?

The sooner you contact an attorney, the more likely you are to protect the strengths of your case if your business ends up being sued. An attorney can guide you in the best course of action when any disagreements arise and can act as your representative so the business does not act in any way which would worsen its position. Additionally, any statements made by directors, officers, owners or agents of the business may adversely affect the case if suit is filed, and a seasoned business litigator can prevent those statements from being made.

What Steps Can I Take To Protect My Company If I Am Being Sued?

Speak to an attorney immediately. In most instances, in the State of Florida, a defendant in a civil matter will only have twenty (20) days to file an answer and to file any affirmative defenses. If a defendant fails to answer the complaint in that time frame it is highly likely that the defendant will be defaulted and the defendant will be exposed to damages.

What Are Some Alternatives To Litigation?

Alternatives include negotiations between the parties, mediation and arbitration. An attorney well-versed in business litigation will also know and understand the various alternatives to filing suit and take the most advantageous action available to the client.

What Is The Difference Between A Mediation And An Arbitration?

Mediation is where a third party, a mediator tries to bring the parties to a settlement. The mediations are confidential so if no settlement is reached, what takes place in the mediation will not be used against a party at trial. Arbitration is where a third party hears the matter, takes evidence and makes a ruling similar to a judge hearing the matter in litigation.

Is The Result Of A Mediation Or An Arbitration Binding?

If the parties cannot agree to a mediated settlement, then the parties are free to litigate or to continue to litigate the matter. With arbitration, the arbitration can be binding or non-binding, depending on the contractual terms or depending upon the statute that is relevant to the issue.

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