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What Problems Can Be Identified In A Review Of My Loan Documents?

Most of the time, even though they are very lengthy and complicated, people do not read their loan documents and either have their attorney read them or go on blind faith and sign up for the financing. A lot of the times, things work out, but you do have issues that pop up. You have promises that are made at a certain interest rate and they will cap the difference because of fluctuations. Pre-payment penalties can be an issue. Sometimes, they are negotiable and sometimes they are not. People will get very upset when they are getting letters that their mortgage has been assigned to another mortgagee. You agreed to that. You signed it.

What Are Some of The Most Common Title Disputes?

Most title disputes are encumbrances that are not caught by the title company or they do catch them and there is a question of what you do before you close. Most of the time, the title companies are very good. There are some things that get missed and I litigate title problems for people. You may have judgments that come up in a divorce or a probate and those judgments will have some type of order or judgment that incorporates a change in ownership of the property. Sometimes, those will be missed and you’ll find out that the property that you thought you were going to get a portion of has been sold three or four times.

You can have an attorney minimize that by doing the initial search. You have the title company and you have insurance for it. It may be capped for what the recovery is but at least you have insurance. Nothing is ever guaranteed but you want to minimize the risk whenever you purchase a property. If the risk is too great and you find out about it beforehand, either you are willing to take the risk or you move on and find a property that doesn’t have that type of issue.

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