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What Determines If This Is The Right Time To Sell My Business? What Factors Should A Business Owner Be Looking At?

Economists describe economies either micro or macro. Macro means that you have either a global or a national economic system. That kind of economy may dictate what price you are going to get at a particular time. Micro economics exist on a more localized scale. For example, if you are selling a real estate business versus a manufacturing business, those businesses are rather sector-specific. You may provide some type of goods or services to a particular business that is doing quite well and you could cash in on the timing. When you are selling a business, it is all about timing and economics.

Does There Need To Be A Broker Involved In The Sale Of A Business In Florida Or Will The Attorney Handle Everything?

Most of the time, a broker is not required. If someone hasn’t started the selling process yet, I do not typically use or recommend a business broker. If it is an industry that I am not familiar with, I may bring a broker in for consulting purposes. Some businesses will already have broker that is involved before they come to me and I will work with them accordingly.

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