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What Can Be Done To Avoid Further Employee Lawsuits?

The best way to minimize employee lawsuits is to have a hiring policy in place so that the persons who are responsible for interviewing and hiring make it very clear to potential employees what is expected of them. This includes things that they are supposed to be doing and things that they are not supposed to be doing. If you have good personnel doing the hiring, it becomes much less problematic.

It’s always good to have a policy handbook so that an employee can do well. You should have an employee handbook and have them sign something stating that they have received the handbook so that they can’t come back later and say they were not aware of the policies in it. The signature may include a waiver provision, saying that the person who did the hiring explained all the issues and the employee didn’t have any further questions. It also helps to have an employment agreement with your employees, which may include non-competes or protection of intellectual property. The best way for an employer to cover their business is to have these things in place during the hiring process.

Do I Need An Attorney To Start My Business?

You can get whatever is required to start a business from the local government. You can be a sole proprietor or you can partner with someone and have an agreement drawn up, which the state of Florida doesn’t have to be involved in. There are forms all over the internet to incorporate yourselves and you can form articles of incorporation within an LLC. Are those adequate? Maybe. It depends on nature. If there is more than one person involved, you want to make sure that everyone has independent counsel, instead of doing it yourself.

Once you get past the actual forming of the business, you have to come up with the structure. You may have a membership plan for the LLC or the bylaws for the incorporation. You may have shareholder’s agreements between the owners and the employees. All kinds of agreements should be drawn up with vendors when you start off. You want to have an attorney fee provision. These are all things that an attorney can help with. Frankly, if you don’t have the funds to have an attorney, you probably should wait until you have more funds to start your business. Otherwise, you could set it up wrong and lose everything before you even get started.

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