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Do You Represent HOA Or The Home Owners Or Both?

Yes, I do represent both HOAs, and Condominium associations. Obviously, I cannot represent an association, and a unit owner that has dispute with that association when they are within the same association. Nevertheless, I represent several associations and the board of directors that are running the association. Therefore, if there are disputes with owners, I am representing the association. There are many cases where I do not represent the condominium or HOA association, but I represent the unit owner against the association. This actually gives my clients a distinct advantage, because many times, attorneys that do association work only represent the associations, and not the unit owners.

Many times, a firm that is not well versed in community association laws represents the unit owner or a homeowner. They may be good lawyers, but that is not the law they practice. Therefore, it gives me an advantage that I actually practice for both sides.

Why Should Someone Hire An Attorney In A Home Owners Association Dispute?

If you are a home owner, the issue that a home owner always faces against a condo or an HOA is that the condo or HOA is going to have a budget for legal expenses. All the owners share those legal expenses. Therefore, all the owners pay a certain percentage of the budget towards all legal expenses. Therefore, legal expenses are parceled out, and there is not one person or one entity that has to incur all the money; the owners are paying a percentage for that representation.

That means that the condominium or the HOA usually has legal counsel for any disagreement with the homeowner, even if that is prior to litigation. If the homeowner does not have competent counsel that is experienced in these kinds of issues, then the homeowner would be at an extreme disadvantage, because most assuredly, the condominium or HOA is going to have counsel.

Additional Information About Home Owners Association & Condominiums In Florida

There is one important aspect of Homeowners and condominiums in Florida, and that is corporate entities must have attorneys to either prosecute, or defend actions in court. All condominium and HOA associations are corporations, and they are not for profit, but they are corporations. Therefore, they have to be represented by counsel if there is a lawsuit, or if they want to defend an issue. The board of directors has a duty to be apprised of all condominium or HOA law when they become a board member. Having an experienced attorney to counsel them, will certainly be better advised if they approach the dispute without counsel, even if it is before litigation where they have to have an attorney.

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