Albert Moore, Attorney at Law


Landlord-tenant law is very complicated and constantly undergoing changes. If you are a landlord seeking assistance or a tenant seeking relief, the experienced landlord-tenant attorney Albert Moore, Attorney At Law can help you identify the law that applies to you and represent you in court. We can also review the terms of a lease and help you understand your duties and responsibilities. Florida has statutes in place which define the minimum duties of landlords and tenants of residential dwellings. These laws also impose certain restrictions and provide remedies if one party fails to carry out a duty. The remedies include eviction, reduced rent, self-help repairs, the right to sue for money damages, and an award of attorneys’ fees to the successful party. Generally, the provisions of the act may not be waived by the landlord or tenant. Landlord Tenant Law has special considerations over and beyond simple contract law dealing specifically with the Landlord-Tenant relationship. Attorney Albert Moore has experience on both sides of this dynamic. He represents both landlords and tenants in cases in Fort Pierce and Treasure Coast as well as the surrounding areas. Let him help you through whatever dispute you may be having. If you have a landlord-tenant issue in the state of Florida, call Attorney Albert Moore today for prompt assistance.

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