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What Are The Benefits Of Being Part Of A Homeowner Association?

The reason most people choose to join an association is to ensure that all homeowners in the area live up to certain standards that will not only benefit their use and enjoyment of the unit or home, but also preserve and raise the property value. For instance, if you are in an area where there is no association, the only rules and regulations that will apply are those dictated by the county codes and state/federal statutes. In an association, there are stricter guidelines. For example, if you are not in an association and your neighbor decides to paint their house neon pink, then you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. In an association, homeowners are typically required to gain approval for such changes. This ensures that the neighborhood remains uniform and well-kept.

Does A Homeowner Or Condo Owner Association Come To You Prior To An Issue With A Property Owner Or Do You Tend To Work More With Such Clients On A Regular Basis?

By and large, I get involved after the board or property manager has had contact with a particular unit owner for some type of violation, whether it is non-payment of assessments or a use violation that is restricted in the governing documents. Typically, owners do not come directly to me; it is usually the association that will contact me and say that they have a problem they’ve been unable to solve. After this procedure, some people will just contact me directly when a problem arises.

What Are Some Things That Your Firm Does To Help Associations Run Effectively?

There are many things we do to help associations run effectively, such as review and/or change governing documents. We also provide advice when there has been an actual or suspected violation or abuse of rights. Sometimes there are changes in the board of directors, or there might need to be a vote by the board of directors on whether or not a simple alteration can be made, and we can facilitate these processes. We also handle scenarios in which people are delinquent in assessments. If there is one person who doesn’t pay at all, then everyone else will have to pay to make up for that person’s portion of the assessment. Typically, associations want to enforce the imposition of assessments if they are not paid, and we can start the collections procedures against the particular unit owner who is delinquent.

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