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One Of My Suppliers Served With A Lawsuit For Alleging Breach Of Contract, What Should I Do Now?

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How can you manage your personal debt and business debt?`

Carrying debts can hurt your finances and it can hold you back from fulfilling goals in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are carrying a personal debt or a business debt or both. Because whichever debt you owe, making interest payments is a common factor. And if you are carrying high-interest personal debts like payday loans, your situation might be worse. Because carrying debts especially with high-interest rates means shelling out a substantial amount of your income for making the monthly payments. So, it won’t be unusual for you to feel exhausted in managing your debts. That’s why we… Read More

Five things to Consider Including in a Business Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement is a contract between two parties to accomplish a specific goal. Often, a joint venture agreement is established to accomplish a short term goal and is utilized as the agreement allows for a pooling of resources between the two parties, making certain projects easier to achieve. The “venture” is separate from each individual party’s normal business, but all parties involved are responsible for the shared cost, profit, or losses, that come with the venture. If you’re still a little unsure about what exactly a joint venture is, there are tons of well-known examples. Joint venture agreements… Read More

What to Consider Before Choosing A Business Structure

Picking the right business structure is a big deal. It is the foundation of your company. It will dictate how you are going to run your venture and who will be involved. Many businesses start as hobbies or just a fun thing to do in your free time. If that is the case, you likely did not think much about forming a business entity because you may not have thought about your venture as a business—and that’s okay! You can still make a transition into a legal entity, even if you have been creating products or providing services for years.… Read More

Domestic Violence Grows in the Wake of COVID-19 as Crime Trends Down in General

The spread of Coronavirus has greatly shifted crime trends in the United States. In general, since mid-March, when stay-at-home orders became widespread, crime has trended downward in general. This comes as a result of two factors: fewer people are out and fewer arrests are being made. Police departments have tried to curtail spreading the disease through their own contact and most immediately slowed their arrest numbers when it became clear that the virus had grave implications. There are far fewer targets for crime out on the streets since everyone has been ordered to stay home. Additionally, crime groups have slowed… Read More